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Merry Meet and welcome to "The New Paths of Light" website. Please browse around. We have lots of information about our coven. If you decide to start a coven or be a Solitary Wicca please let us know, we love to hear from you. Sit long, read much, and mind The Rede --An It No Harm Done!

Our Mission
The New Paths Of Lights` mission is to help open the closet door slightly more and bring the Wicca/Pagan religion further into light and acceptance. By shinning our light a little brighter (today's lost souls) will become tomorrows High Priestes` and Priestesses.
"Wicca is a religion, a science, an art, a means if spiritual and self-expressions, and a way of life. It is both ancient and contemporary, traditional and ever-changing. There are as many ways to be Wiccan as there are Wiccans: spiritual truths are the sole proprietorship of the individual" (Simple Wicca by Michele Morgan of Conari Press

Company Profile
The New Paths of Light -- are a highly powerful, God and Goddess, gifted group of Wicca's. There are three members of the Coven who are doing everything possible to continue to shine light on the religion. Our group is unique in that we all follow our own deities, (We like to call it CeBain Wicca) realizing there is only one GOD but many Gods and Goddess to bring the prayers to the Grand Mystery, and we rejoice with the gifts that we have received from her.

To Introduce Ourselves:

Kwani Sapphire: The High Priestess -- Lady of the Lakes--Coven Instructor of the CeBain Coven
The abilities of the priestess are many, she is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience, tarot card reader, rune stone reader, pet psychic, Shaman Healer, Hermetic Instructor ( Egyptian Religion), Charka reader, jewelry maker, palm reader, soul retrieval, automatic writing and many more.

Odin Twister:

Has the ability for soul retrieval, clairaudient, clairsentience, clairvoyant, hands on healer, coordinator, etc.

Morgain Gaea:

Practiced in the arts of green magic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentience, and developing the abilities to read tarot cards.

We have several testimonials to from members of the community that have received healings, psychic readings, soul retrievals, tarot card readings to name a few. Because of confidentiality we are giving first names only.

Such as this testimonial from

"I asked Odin to heal my foot. I had foot surgery about six weeks before and I was allergic to the steel pin. I needed to bring to the attention of the doctor the pain I was under and the infection was turning to gangrene! Odin simply said a prayer and placed his gifted hands over my foot. Two Days later I went to the doctor and he x-rayed my foot. The pin had worked out of the bone!!! So the doctor finished removing the pin and the infection healed in just a few more days. I never believed in hands on healings, but when my foot was healed I could no longer ignore that what The New Paths Of Light have is beyond words...."

From Jami:

" I was a train wreck looking for a place to happen and my sister gave me this card (Business Card of the Coven Free Psychic Readings). I have been a solitary Wicca for a couple of years so I knew what this card was. I called for the Psychic reading from Kwani (The High Priestess - Lady Of The Lakes) and I took my sister with me. I swear on a stack of B.O.S. I did not know any one in the group! Kwani set for a minute took a deep breath and then hit me with the truth. She knew I was on drugs, that we were losing our apartment, that we have not chosen spell names, and that a soul retrieval was badly needed. (This was only the beginning) You know she wasn't like the phone psychics you know: you are having money trouble...blah blah blah. She had details, names, dates, and descriptions, I could not argue with. I have since on Samhain stop drugs cold, I am looking for a job, and joined the coven. I never would be here if it wasn't for them! As the Goddess is my witness!"

From Adele:

I believe that people make life the way it is. That most people are just out to get everyone they can. Not this group! I am an 80 year old woman, I have seen a lot of con artists in my day, but I was at a point were the doctors were not helping me. I had a stroke, I am on insulin, and lost the vision in my left eye, I asked the group for a healing and a reading. Kwani started off and the rest followed her queue. The details!! Details that no-one but me and my family knew!! Odin performed the healing at the same time. No he didn't reverse the stroke or get me off the insulin, BUT I can see daylight in my left eye, and I am damn sure walking a sight better. I call the group as much as I can. I don't get the attention from my doctor that this group of witches gives me. I recommend The New Paths of Light for what ever ails ya"

This is just a few of the testimonials that we have. We work as a group. No one person that does it all and the rest stand by for their turn. The Goddess brought us together as a coven, as a family, and this were we will stay.

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