The information here is composed form the Book Wicca From Birth to Death. I could include a lot of spells in this section, but we believe that after the initaitions is when the magick really starts. We do request you fill out the application to join our coven found in this site "Join Us", and to read the books suggested.

Casting The Sacred Circle
From the East draw the circle (from your cord) moving clockwise/deosil.
Now stand in front of the alter with all the tools on it place candles in the 4 directions. Ring a bell 3 times and with your athame in hand kiss the blade, and hold it high saying;

Hail, Lord and Lady, Here I do build a temple of life in which to honor you. Assist me as I lay down the foundation stones of which I will build my cone of power.

Lower the athame and walk over to the East, and point to the ground, direct all engines from your heart slowly walk around the circle connecting the circle raise the athame. Design the pentagram in the air to seal the it, kiss the blade, return to alter. Walk over to the East Candle saying:

Here is light at the East where the life-giving saun rises each day. Here is erected the Watchtower of air, standing guard over this temple of the gods.

Move to the West, lighting the candle saying:

Here is light at the West, where waters move gently to give the moisture of life to the Earth. Here is erected the watchtower of Water, standing gaurd over this temple of the gods.

Move to the North, light the candle saying;

Here is a light ath the North, where the Earth forms a solid foundations for all life. Here is erected the Watchtower of Earth, standing gaurd over this temple of the gods.

Return to the alter, light the candle saying;

Here is light I bring into the temple. Let it light the way through the darkness of ignorance to the world of knowledge. Light to life, in all things.

Blow out the taper candle, take the athame and dip the tip into salt water saying:

Salt is life. Let this salt be pure and let it purify my life, as I use it in this rite dedicated to the God and Goddess in whom I believe.

Take 3 pinchs of salt and drop them into the water. Take the athame and dip the tip into the salt water and say:

Let the sacred salt drive out any impurities in this water, that together they may be used in the service of these deities, throughout these rites and at any atime and in any way I may use them.

Mix the water with the athame deosil (clockwise) around 3 times. Put the athame on the alter, and pick up the water. Go to the East, raise the dish eye level saying:

I use this sacred liquid now in the building of this, my sacred temple. I dedicate it to the gods, in love and light.

Lower the dish, walking deosil dip your finger in the water and sprinkle it along the circle lines, raise the dish at the East point. Place it back onto the alter and pick up the censor.

The fire of this censor, with the fragances of its smoke, serves to cement the foundations of this our temple, dedicated to the Lord and Lady.

Lower the censor and walk the circle. Replace on the table. and pick up the athame in salute saying:

Lord and Lady, God and Goddess, I invite you to enter this temple I have constructed to venerate you. Be with me here and witnaess these rites held in your honor. So Mote It Be!

Kiss the Blade and continue with your rites.
Coven Initiation and Solitaire Initiation
I have included the Solitaire in this rite. IT doesn`t matter if you practice alone or in a coven to perform the rites.

The Initiate stands outside the circle at the East point.

The High Priestess rings the bell 3 times. Then picks up the athame, kisses the blade, picks up the salt water, dips a finger in the water and on the forehead of the initiate, draws a cross with in a circle, and a pentagram on the heart Saying"

Here I do consecrate myself in the names of the Lord and Lady. I am here in peace and love, with honor to all life.

Ring the bell 3 times, take up the athame, face the East, point to the initiate saying:

HPS saying: Who are you who stands outside this temple of the ancient gods?

Initiate: I am a seeker who has traveled far. I look for peace, joy, and the light of knowledge.

HPS: Are you here of your own free will?

Initiate: I am.

HPS: What steps brought you hear?

Initiate: First curiosity, then learning, and finally love, Curiosity about the Old Religion, learning about the ancient ways, love for the gods, for life, and for my brothers and sisters of the craft.

HPS: What two words will bring you into this circle, this temple of the Goddess?

Initiate: Love and Trust.

HPS: All who bring such words are welcome!

HPS: Guides the initiate over the line of the circle turns and closes the circle, guiding them to the alter, ring the bell 3 times, pick up the water and make a cross within a circle on the forhead, a pentagram aover the heart, touch over the heart, genitals, right and left braests and genitals again.

HPS says: With this hoy water I anoint and cleanse you, that you maybe clean and pure within this circle, the temple of the gods.

Initiate: Kneels before the Alter>

HPS: I ask why you are here in this temple of the gods?

Initiate: I am here to be made one with those gods. I wish to become on on the children of the Lord and Lady. I wish to be part of the family of Wicxca and the Coven of CeBain Wicca --"The New Paths Of Light."

HPS: To do what you wish you must end life as you have known it. Are you ready to do this?

Initiate: I am

HPS: You will be setting your feet on the path that leads to purity, truth and love. The first step id to leave your life of old; to face death and jously pass beyong it, Are you ready to do so?

Initiate: I am

HOS: So Mote IT Be!HPS: Take up the scourage and softly strike the initiate 9 times, ring the bell 7 times. Help initiate to their feet, remove the cord and blindfold, embrace and kiss 3 times saying:

HPS: I consecrate you now in the names of the Lord and Lady. Henceforth, you will be known in this sacred circle and to all your brothers and sisters of the craft by your new name ____________________
with this sacred oil I anoint you and cleanse you, fovong you new life to one of the children of the GOds. So Mote It Be!

HPS: Replace the oil, salute, and ring the bell 9 times. saying:

HPS: Now I present to you the working tool of the witch.

HPS: Take this athame and present to the initiate, we both hod saying:

HPS: This is the true tool of a witch. It has all powers of a magic wand an maybe used for forming other instruments of the circle and the craft. It must be properly used within the sacred circle.

Initiate: Holds the athame above the head.

HPS Says: Now you must consecrate it, so that it maybe properly used within this circle.

Initiate sprinkles water in the athame, and in the smoke of the incense. saying:
I cleanse and consecrate it, so that it maybe properly used in the circle, and that it maybe my strength and my love and may it never be used in anger not to braing harm to anyone of anything. So Mote It Be!
Draw a pentagram in the air, kiss the blade and lowers it.

HPS says:Now you are truly on of us. As such you will share our knowledge of the GOds, of the art of healing, diviniation, and magick. You will learn all the mystic arts. All these things you will learn as you progress down the path of the old religion. But first, I must caution you to always remember the Wiccan Rede: An it harm NONE, do what thy wilt.

Initiate: An it harm none, so waht thy wilt.

HPS: So Mote It Be!

Initiate: So Mote It Be!

WE embrace each other and kiss. Lead the initiate around the secraed cirle, by the hand starting at the East corner.

HPS Says: Hial Lord and Lady. Here do I present, for the first time, the witch ___________________
a brother.sister of the craft. A true member of the old religion and the CeBain Coven--The New Paths Of Light.

Make the announcement in Each direction, lead them back to the alter, pour an offering of wine, take a drink, then the initiate drinks.

HPS Sys: To the Gods!

Initiate: To THe Gods!

Follow this rite with cakes and ale while still in the sacred circle.

Closing the Sacred Circle
All stand and raise the athames.

HP High Priest says: Thank you, Lord and Lady, for this time we have spent in your presence. We come together in love and friendship, so let us go out separte ways.

HPS says: Our thanks for watching over us, for guarding us, and guiding us. Help us to spread the love of the craft throughout all lives we may touch.

HPS & HP salute. All coven members walk around the circle, salute each other as the pass. When back in place the ritual continuses.

Maiden: Merry did we meet, so merry we part.

Squire: And merry may we meet again.

All: So Mote It Be!

HPS goes to the East, her athame, cuts across the line of the circle.
HPS: The circle is now open. All may now leave.