The CeBain B.O.S. of The New Paths Of Light

Items we suggest for rituals

Here is a list of items we have somposed to help with ritual work, spells, & to make prayers more effective. If you have an item to suggest, please send us an e-mail telling us about the item and its usage. We love to hear from you.

These are items that we use. We make our won as much as possible to make the items more powerful.


Crowns: Our crowns are made from silver wire bent to be round to set on the head. Decorate it with beads (we use amethyst for the Goddess) and a second and/or third color to represent our magic or favorite stone. We also place angel hallos (found in craft stores) with the triple moons for the HIgh Preiestess. And a single moon for the preistess`.

Coven Rings: Are made of sterling silver with amethyst stones. Veriations depend on avalability of silver rings.

Our Coven also wear a Sterling Silver Star of David on a 32 inch chain.

Alter Items and Robes

of every color imaginable, and plenty of white for rituals,
Candle Holders
Candle Snifter or a small dish of water to distinguish the match

Incense of assorted senses

Diety Figures of your choosen God & Goddess
Alter and a quite place for the alter
Stones of various sizes and colors (the best ones are the ones that call to you from the garden or found on walks)
Sea Salt / dirt
Scented Oils assortment
Mineral Oil (to make your own Oils)
assortment of Herbs and flowers

Divining items -- (this is a very personal choice I believe that the items will call you from acrossed the mall or your favorite "New Age Shop"

Tarot Card Decks-- their are as many decks to choose from as their are people eho use them, I have three sets myself!
Scrying Mirror
Rune stones ( are even more effective if you find the stones and place the symbols on them yourself
assorted metals/wood
Grimoire --A witches Journal
and your B.O.S.

And No witch work can be effectaly done with out The Wicca Handbook by Eileen Holland. This book is a must. If you are on a tight budget getting this book for .95 is worth the investment. It is a tool that will be your reference guide for many many years to come.

All these items can be purchased through us on our Check It Out! page. Where we have found the best deals ande pasted them to you.