Our Suggested Books & Movies

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We are adding this section to help you (novice or expert) to gather information about any of the subjects we have covered in this site. Obviously, we are not able to write a site with all the wonderful books and movies. If you think we have overlooked any of the books & movies please send us an e-mail and we will check it out and add it to our list.

#1. THe Wicca HandBook by Eileen Holland-simply a must!
2. Goddess Initiation by Francesca De Grandis
3. Witch Crafting by Phyllis Curoot
4. Buffalo Woman Comes Singing by Brooke Medicinf Eagle
5. Reaching Towards Heaven by Kames Van Praagh
6. Channeling--How To Reach Out To Your Spirit Guides by Kathryn Ridall Ph.D.
7. Book Of Shadows By Phyllis Curott
8. Past Lives, Future Healing by Sylvia Browne
9. Heavin and Earth by James Van Praagh
10. Your Auras and Your Chakras by Karla McLaren
11. Simple Wicca by
12. Wicca Made Simple by
13. Wicca From Birth To Summerland by Raymond Buckland
14. Buckland`s Complete Book of Witchcraft By Raymond Buckland
15. How TO Read Signs And Omens In Everyday Life by Saravananda Bluestone Ph.D
16. The Everything Spells And Charms Book by Trisha MacGregor
17. Spells and Charms by Nicole De Pulford

18. The Priestess of Avalon
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Our Favorite Movies
I know Hollywood hasn`t done any favors to the religion BUT they do have a distinct few that are worth mentioning for their quality and closeness of the craft.

1. Merlin with
2. DragonHeart with
3. DragonHeart: A New Begining with
4. 6th Sense with Haley Joel Osmet and
5. 5th Element with
6. Mysts of Avalon with
7. Pratical Magic with