How You Can BeCome A Psychic Too!

No this isn`t a sales pitch, check it out and see.

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Seven Guides To Psychic Readings
You can find this information in the book:

How To Read Signs and Omens In Everyday Life. By Sarvananda Bluestone.
Don`t worry be honest
You have been doing readings of other people for your whole life. From the time that we are little we are picking up information form others. It is not something that we learn. It is something that we have. A reading, after all, is simply picking and trusting what we see and feel.
It`s not a test.
In school we learn all kinds of knowledge. In the realm of the psychic we incover what we already know. In school we learn that are right and wrong answers, the realm of the psychic is different. It requires bwing openhearted. If we try to be showy and find out if somebody`s uncle has a wart, then we can make mistakes. If we are sincerely trying to see another persin, we rally can`t go wrong.
A Reading Is A Two Way Street
A reading is a process involving two people, not just the reader. Both the reader and the person being read need to be open minded. And both the reader and the person being read need to take responsibility for what is happening. Such as making sure the person understands what you are saying to them.
The More you do, the easier it gets!
It`s simply a matter of trusting yourself. The more you say what you see, the more you see. It`s the opposite of a vicious cycle. It`s a benevolent cycle.
Leave fortune telling to Hollywood
We have seen how omens are rooted in the here and now. They are something that we see in the moment. Preditation is very tricky business and one best left to the meterologists. When you do a reading, you are seeing the person at the very moment that you are doing the reading. To be sure, time is not a line. If we really look carefully into the moment, we can see where things are headed and where they have come from. But this is very different from seeing someone bumping his head on a door for three years, five months, two days, and six hours doen the raod.
You Never tell anbody anything that they don`t know already know
That`s the reason why a good reading isn`t really scary. What we are doing is bringing up things that people already know. At most, a reading is a form of affirmation.

That`s it.
It`s just that simple however there are some rules that need to be followed to. Know as the :Ten Commandment of Psychic Readings"
1.Thou shalt not tell people what to do
First of all, you are not their to mother them. Second, it`s none of your business what they do. Third, do you want to take responsibility for their decisions? Most of us have a hard enough time taking responsibility for our own.

I always tell my clients, "If there is something in this reading that you don`t think you would, could, should do, can be changed by you at will."
Thou shalt not be a shoulder
Because we play with our own should`s other don`t need to hear it from a reader.

Thou shalt not predict except that thou givest six grains of salt and a light and houmerous disclaimer.

THis is not fortune telling keep it in the now!

Thou shalt never predict mortality.

Thou shalt not be a psychic terrorist.

Thou shalt read with an open mind and heart.

Thou shalt be humble in the readings.

Thou sahlt use thy eyes and ears. Never shalt thou close thy nose.
Never forget to look at the things that are right under your nose.

Thou shalt speak sincerely and truthfully of what thou sees.
If you are not going to say what you see, why do the reading!

Have fun trying your own abilities for your self!