Goddess`, Gods, and Tidbits For SpellWork


As the title says:"Goddess`s, Gods, and Tidbits for spellwork. Such Tidbits like best days for spells, color of candles, type of flowers, etc. As always, if I have missed any information that you feel is important please e-mail with the information.


Adonis: A greek God of plabts and flowers, symbolizing love, health, fertility, and the elements of earth.

Apollo: A Greek God of the Sun, light, music, and the arts. He can help you connect with your creative music, free the artist in you, and can assist in healing depression, especially of seasonal effects.

Cernunnos: The Celtic Hornerd God (known as Hern the Hunter) Cernunnous and Pan became the paradigm for the Christion Satan. He represents the hunt, the woodlands, male fertility, magic, and animals.

Lugh: The Celtic God of The Sun , light, and the harvest. A warrior God who represents strength, powers, youth, and victory.

Mithra: A Persian Sun God and bringer of light. A soldier`s God for guidance and protection in battle. Associated with magick, fertility, and the element of air.

Odin: A Warrior God in the Norse Pantheon. He carries the energy of wisdom, magick, war anf the underworld, Plus, poetry, creativity, divination, prophercy, and luck.

Eros: A Greek God of romance and love, the son of the Goddess Aphrodite. He represents all things romantic, poetic, and sensual.

Genesha: A God of India, He represents good fortune, literature, and wisdom. He has the appearance of the elephant head.

Horus: The God of the "all seeing eye" in the Egyptian Pantheon. Son of Isis and Osiris. The God of Light and healing, who appears with the head of a falcon.

Pan: A Greek God of the Woodlands and fertility. He can be called upon in matters concerning sexual infusing, love of freedom, and playfulness.

Taleisan: A Welsh God who is a poet and a harpes. Associated with sages, seers, wizards, and initiates.

Thor: The Norse God Of thunder and the sky. Known for his defense of the working calss. Thor symbolizesprotection, defense, law and order, and justice.

Jupiter: None for success.

Dionysus : Known for Ecstacy

Hephastus: Know for creativity.

Obatala: Known for justice

Osinyin: Known for Healing magic of Herbs.


The Correspondences of powerful magick.

Direction: East
Color: Yellow
Sense: Hearing
Implement: Wand
Funtion: Thinking
Metals: Mercury, Quick Silver
Incense: Gelbanium
Season: Spring
Time: Dawn

Direction: South
Implement: Ddagger
Sense: Sight
Season: Summer
Color: Red
Function: Feelings
Metals: Iron, Gold
Time: Noon

Direction: West
Colors: Black, Blue
Sense: Taste
Incense: Myrrh
Season: Fall
Implement: Cup
Function: Initiation
Metal: Silver
Time: Sunset

Direction: North
Colors: White, Black, Brown
Sense: Touch
Season: Winter
Implement: Pentacle
Function: Sensation
Metal: Lead
Time: Midnight

Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of passion, erotic love, beauty, and the feminine forces. She symbolizes feminine powers, sensuality, sexuality, relationships, and flower magick.

Aradia: An Italian Goddess known as "Queen of the Witches". She came to Earth to teach mortals her mothers magic (Diana). She symbolizes the moon and the elements of air, invoke her for protection and guidance on your path.

Athena: A Greek Goddess of War and wisdom, she is both storms and peace, battle and education. A warrior Goddess. Call on her if you are experiencing challenges on the work front or school.

Bast: An Egyptian Goddess of protection. Bast is also known as Bastet and symbolizes cats, healing, childbirth, pleasure, passion, joy and the element of fire. Call on her for protection of the four legged animals.

Brighid: One of the Triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. And a Saint in Irland. She represents both the elements of fore and water, the Heavenly mother, and creativeinspiration and a powerful protecteress.

Demeter: An Earth Mother Goddess of the Greek pantheon, in legal Demeter was the mother of Persphone. Demeter is a powerful Goddess to call on in childbirth for the protection of small children

Diana: A Roman Moon Goddess and mother figure for witches. She represents luck, the heart, the power of the Moon and generic magick.

Hecate: Known as the Goddess of the Dark Moon, she is the Crone in the Greek mythology. Symbolizing blessings, endings, and beginingsluck, diviniation, the Moon in its waning or dark side, oracles, prophercy, women`s mysteries and death.

Hera: A Greek Goddess of Matrimony and the cycles of woman`s growth. She represents love, the Moon, motherhood, and the element of air. Invoke her for Handfastings, marriages, or commitment.

Hestia: Another Greek Goddess who rules the home and hearth. She symbolizes fire, domestic and kitchen magick, conception, and the perfect Goddess to attend a house blessing, help with finding, purchasing or renovating a home, spring cleaning rituals, or proctection for children home alone after school and a wonderful companion for a babysitter.

Kali: A Hindu Goddess of Creation and destrction. She Represents protection, diviniation, creation, and combat, gaurdian of abused women and children.

Persphone: The Greek Goddess of the Underworld, spring, and the harvest. She represents love, maidenhood, and the elememt of Earth. Invoke her into your garden, the beging of a relationship or business venture, and call on her knowledge of the duality of light and dark that balances all things.

Selene: A Greek Goddess symbolic of solutions, logic, and women`s rights. She is seen as the full moon, illuminating all. Invoke her during full moon rituals, whneyou seek a logical answer to a question/problem, or in any situation involving equality and fairness for women.

Isis: spiritual guidance.

Spider Woman: creative works

Freyor prosperity

Osun for love.

Amaterasu for power.


Ruling Planets For Talismans

Monday Moon Silver Merchandise, dreams
Tuesday Mars Iron Matrimony, war
Wednesday Mercury Mercury Debt, fear, loss
Thursday Jupiter Tin Honor, friendship
Friday Venus Copper Love, friendship
Saturday Saturn Lead Life, building
Sunday Sun Gold Fortune, hope, money

Asrial Colors:

Astrological Signs Primary color Secondary color

Aquarius Blue Green
Pisces White Green
Aries White Pink
Taurus Red Yellow
Gemini Red Blue
Cancer Green Brown
Leo Red Green
Virgo Gold Black
Libra Black Blue
Scorpio Brown Black
Sappitarius Gold Red
Capricorn Red Brown

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